My own personal arrangement of Skrillex's dubstep hit "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" arranged for Brass Quintet. I added a preliminary dubstep bassline as well as an eerie ending chord to tie it all together. This is by no means finished. Thanks for listening!

Notes -
I realize the trumpet part is a bit low, and up the octave is a bit high, but to preserve the original key and keep the line in a decent range the concert F quarter note in bar 2 was brought up the octave to avoid upsetting the melodic line.

It should also be noted that the upper brass smears are not present in the audio, as the MIDI could not replicate the sound I was looking for. They should be played as such in a live performance.

Trumpet in Bb 1&2
Horn in F

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2011 Elliott Stanger, All Rights Reserved

somewhat dedicated to someone

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