Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jan Oberg (Hidden Planet Studio Berlin)


Somewhere down the road

I stumble drunk through this old and unloving world
talking alone into the stone cold air and I scare myself, but
Yes, once I thought the world shines brighter
It's the clouds on the black withered skies, either
or it's just me

Do you think as I do? It where the nights. They somehow tricked us.
How's that working? When so much is there, what you await, but
You think of the best son.Do you think as I do? You're telling this is me
But sorry, I'm not the man you used to see

I'm crying out your name into this room
It never was...and never will be a home

I hope it's not as easy for you to forget me
As I've been forgotten
Thought I was dreaming about, "you and me"
Home is where everything else is missed

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