Universal debt Jubilee, the non-aggression principle, and 7 year mortgages!

What is the COST to the people?

They will have to use a different color of paper for money.

The Peoples' Universal Debt Jubilee Plan

1. 1000's of local currencies issued debt free based on time.
2. With local currency hire the sheriff/Grand Jurys to end income/property taxes, and foreclosures.
3. Broadcast the above on a single web stream to support activists nationwide as they end usury money. truVibe.TV
4. Sell the above broadcast as a subscription to fund content producers/activist/promoters of public money. theFonzi.com
5. Guarantee pension of those caught in the NWO Matrix.
6. Offer forgiveness and open communication with Smiegel.
7. Debt free mortgages 7-8yrs instead of 30.

This is how we create a bottom up economy!

PS: All the above website shall be non-profits and owned by the people who will vote for their favorite public banking "truth tellers". This will be a meritocracy!

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