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GoPro Hero 2: New video modes. New fisheye lens. New image chip. New faster processor. Fits our Steadicam Smoothee just like the other GoPro cameras, without which shots like this would be a jiggly, hand-held mess.

New lens? That means a new optical formula! So here is a sample of something we do about that. Something that others do not:

We have come up with a way to process GoPro Hero and GoPro Hero 2 footage and turn it into perfectly flat images. Using Photoshop! It's faster with Photoshop Extended, but works with regular un-extended Photoshop, too, but for that you'll need QuickTime Pro or equivalent.

In this video, you'll see a couple of minutes of fisheye footage with dissolves between shots, then the same exact edit, except all traces of fisheye-ness have vanished. It's perfectly flat. Like it had been shot with a prime super wide-angle lens.

This is a proof of concept video. It's the first test of our new Photoshop Scripts custom made for the video modes that are unique to the GoPro Hero 2. In this sample, the 170-degree Wide setting and 127-degree Medium setting are both on display. Only two shots show the Medium scene corrections--the last two in the edit.

What we found outstanding was how well the shots hold up to the extreme counter-distortion warping we made to de-fish them.

Another of our videos shows how the extreme fisheye shots in a GoPro Hero have been totally flattened. Look for that here: vimeo.com/23898684

The new Hero 2 is the first with maximum 170-degree coverage in 1080p30. Compared to the Hero 1, it shows major improvements in clarity and detail.

A future demo will show ALL the variations. 720p30/60, 960p30/48 and WVGAp60/120 plus the 1080p30 Narrow. Each has been fully corrected so well, you can't tell that they ever existed as fisheye originals.

There are some more details in the trailing title after the live action scenes.

If you're interested, leave a note in the Comments.

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