Total Accomplishment - Pigfat

-Director: SEVE

PIGFAT is an exploration of a psychological space located somewhere between a eugenics laboratory and a corporate university. Here we see an older doctor and his two younger handlers in control of amorphous zentai totems, engaged in a series of physical postures.

"PIGFAT" in this video describes a substance that can be boiled down to a gelatinous form, a putrid liquid, or added to the body as muscle mass. The zentai creatures symbolize potential forms and fetish objects for the humans to experiment on and manipulate to their pleasing. The humans associate with common symbols of control: doctors, S&M, fascism.

All of which happens under the persistent and permanent gaze of the all seeing eye, represented in PIGFAT as a yoga ball, a large cutout hung above the arena, human "one-eye" flashes scattered throughout the video.

-SEVE 12.01.2011

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