The Beauty of Silence

A simple Poetic Documentary short movie

I capture everything randomly around my place at cyberia townvilla during the day around 3.30 PM until 5.30 PM. After that i compose and combine them and try to create a story from all the footages.

It tells about the hectic that people do everyday and cause disturbing noise to surrounding. People often forget about the beauty of silence, sound of winds, birds singing, and trees.

I want to make people remember about those "silence", but in here i want to make more about visual silence.

I took all the footage by hand held

Song name:
Imogen Heap - Wait it Out

The actual video is for 11eleven project, but because of lack of time so the movie was kind of flaw and i make it better this time. And the actual soundtrack was supposed to be Rian Hamzah - Misteri Istri / Janda Jadi-Jadian.

I think it's a little bit to much noise but i don't have any other option on music. The other reason was i have to create original song not from commercial artist but the editing itself was based on Ms. Heap song (I want to make the movie flow like this but i don't have the ability to compose the song).

This is the link to the movie that i submit to the 11eleven project

Now i'm gonna try to get the atmosphere as i really want, and i hope there will be no problem because this is not for profit or commercial use, just for my personal satisfaction. (and i am also fans of Ms. Imogen Heap)


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