I’m not a hero I just have a job in a dangerous place

In Iraq I was governance advisor helping them rebuild their infrastructure

We have had rockets and snipers and there have been times when I didn’t know if I was going to make it out alive

My name is Jennifer and I just completed three deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan for the state department

I was thirty-two and I just looked myself in the mirror and I just realized I wasn’t the person who I wanted to be

And I found myself having political debates
And realizing that I was just regurgitating what I’d heard but there was nothing that was really from my own experience

I wanted to change my own life and I wanted the opportunity to make a difference for someone else

I set individual goals for each year that I was deployed

I was in my second tour when I realized that my ultimate goal was to buy a home and to have a place to go home to

I told Debbie that I needed a big house because I’d spend the last three and a half years living in tents shopping containers trailers

We spent the whole day in the car driving around looking at homes
She listened to what I liked and what I didn’t like

I went back to work and she took care of everything without me even in the country

First Team hired a fantastic realtor in Debbie

There was a lot of above and beyond

She basically bought a house on sight unseen
Through pictures and e-mails and she trusted us enough to say let’s go for it

‘Hi, how are you?’

‘Guess what I have for you?’

‘Welcome home!’

‘This is awesome!’

It’s been challenging and there were times I wanted to give up and I knew that giving up meant giving up my dream of owning a home

This is something I’m very proud of

Client: First Team Real Estate
Producer/Director: Tasha Oldham
Director of Photography: Dawn Chenette
Add Camera Christopher Pevey
Sound: Erik Goodrich
Media Management: Jesse Nettleton
Associate Producer: Amelia Yaron

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