Shot on October 25, 2011, this is my attempt of a contribution to Occupy Los Angeles.

Even though the encampment has been evicted in the meantime by the LAPD, this piece should be a vital reminder of what the Occupy Movements around the US and the world have created so far:

The wide spread critics' opinion is that the Occupy movement has not thoroughly proclaimed their demands and therefore is somewhat useless.

I disagree.

I think that in this first phase, which has concluded with the police evictions of the encampments all over the US, it was about reconquering public space. Thus creating room for a new form of political discussion, liberated from the corporate-fed cynicism of main stream media.

This is the true gift that the occupiers have given us so far.

Without the intention or ability to show the movement as a whole, this piece is a "momentaufnahme", a capturing of the moment – in this case one particular evening during and after the General Assembly.

Thanks and big shout outs to all the people who contributed to this video with their statements! This is for you.

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