My University Moving Image project, titled 'Shoe Done It?'

Directed and written by: The NTU MM Nov/Dec 2011 team- comprising of; Jenny Lianos, Joshua McBride, Nisa Kelly, Rachel Man, Sam Kidner and William McKeown.

Sound/Filming by: The NTU MM Nov/Dec 2011 team.

Editing and post processing: Joshua McBride

Actors (in order of appearance): Joshua McBride, Anisha Hathi, Nisa Kelly, Rachel Man, Sam Kidner, Jenny Lianos, Shadowbeard the cat, William McKeown.

Music royalty free credited to MACLEOD, K.
- Lightless Dawn
- Awkward Meeting
- Gathering Darkness
- Unnatural Situation

The treatment we were given:

A bare footed woman, in a red coat and blue hat, walks into a police station and tells the police that she went for a walk in her lunch hour to the Arboretum and had a quick nap on the bench, after eating a rather large pasty. When she awoke she stood up and realised one of her beautiful white shoes had been nicked. There were plenty of people around in the park who were witnesses and she suspects that the culprit is amongst them but cannot prove it. Police detectives are sent out to interview the witnesses who will give their account of what happened at the scene of the crime.
“Shoe Done It?” celebrates the diversity of our communities and the characters in it. It is made of 15 3 minute episodes each a character study using the interview technique intercut with a flashback scene. Each episode, is distinctly different in style, genre and every character has their own unique charm and story. Who cares who is actually telling the truth? It’s the way they tell it that counts! This light hearted series is for early evening family entertainment on Channel 4.
It will be shot, in the day, around the Arboretum Park, in Nottingham. Footage will be of a high quality, produced using a high resolution, PH 720/25p acquired using Panasonic AG-HMC151E. Sound will be recorded using a K6 microphone at 44.1htz. The finished film should be exported using - Mpeg 4 , H.264 codec (HDTV 720 high quality).

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