"I'm stunned; it's a lovely piece of work, and very true to my mental image of the characters and their world. Magnificent! The effort and imagination that has gone into this is definitely appreciated." - Author Alastair Reynolds

"For Blue Remembered Earth we commissioned our most ambitious trailer to date... It’s awesome, trust me" - Jennifer McMenemy, Orion Publishing

It's 2150, throw in Kilimanjaro, elephants, a family funeral.... and the moon. All components of the opening chapter of Alistair Reynolds' ambitious new sci-fi trilogy. This clip features the visually ambitious trailer along with a making of video focusing on the vfx.

a production by thewholebuffalo & HYPtv
for Gollancz/Orion

treatment adapted by James Roberts
directed & edited by James Roberts

featuring Yinka Enirayetan as Geoffrey Akinya

live action lighting by Ian Martin
binoculars prop created by Monika Bereza

3D animation & graphic design by Jon Bosley
compositing by James Roberts

3D environment CG & HUD graphics by Jon Bosley
elephant modelled by Cladio Tassone
compositing by James Roberts

original music & sound fx mixing by Dan McRae


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