A lot of people have addiction problem and are struggling to get out of it, right? A lot of people are struggling to get out of depression. But they having really difficult time to get out it. My daughter had terrible problem with drug and she got out of it, you know? Amazingly. There is so many people think, and even so many doctors think, the depression is chemical problem in your brain. As long as you think that way there is know solution. Because you have to look up to the Doctor who provides some more chemicals from outside into your brain. So, trying to achieve some artificial balance achieved by the Doctor. when you have chemical problem in your brain, it's gene problem. Many different genes produce all different kind of chemicals. So when you have some certain genes are not working, certain genes are producing too much of something than according to the which chemical imbalances caused than we can see all different kind of names. Like an attention deficit disorder(ADD), depression, schizophrenia or addiction are all the same problem, but a little bit different gene problem. The different genes have different frequencies of electro magnetic wave. Then that gene problem is caused by outside signal. We already learned that genes in our brain cells can be responding to the outside wave, right? This is definately what influences your genes according to what kind of cycle of the pulse, of the wave is given to which direction and which spot in your brain. Than different genes turnes on or turnes off.

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