Jesus Said that "I am the way, the truth and life". In fact what he saying is he is the way to the truth, and truth is the way to life. Let me show you a very interesting slide. Scientists recently designed and made a very interesting robot arm. They connected monkey's brain to a robot arm with wire. Monkey's brain wave is transmitted through the wire to the robot arm. Scientists fixed his arms so the monkey cannot use his arms. Monkey has to use his brain wave to move the robot arm to eat banana. Human being can control the computer by brain wave. Even monkey can control the machine by hos brain wave. Powerful! Our mind has electrical energy. And descending out every energy is in the form of wave. Whenever it has power, energy, than it has wave also. Wave, there is all different of variety of frequencies and shapes, it can do this connecting. You saw even human brain can be controlled by magnetic wave applied by a psychiatrist to treat depression. so mind can be changed by influence of the electric magnetic wave or the electric magnetic field. We are living in a field of energy.

These video clip are provided by Dr. Sang Lee's NEWSTART Center.
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