Fresh Moods - The finest master edition now on CD!

It is packed in a high quality laminated Digi Pak, strictly limited to 500, numbered, signed and sealed by the artist.
The products are listed worldwide and for example available at the following shops:
This track is also a part of the High Resolution Collected. The High Resolution Masters are based on the origin analogue recordings, newly pre- mastered with analogue state of the art equipment, rerecorded in 24 bit/ 96 kHz and finally mastered with premium audio plug-ins. The dynamic range is set on high level to have the maximum in spatial perception. There are no cuts on High- and Low- frequencies to get the maximum on high fidelity audio, a quality blend of euphony.

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Produced by zentralmodul design media 2011 Germany. For promotional use only!

Statement by Peter Haubfleisch

In 2006 I decided to have a creative break by practising music as a profession. In order to do something useful with my time I was looking for a 'normal' job and started to work as a photo technician in a prestigious atelier for nearly four years. Another part of the job was to also supervise the professional photographers equipment.
One day I had to check and clean a nearly new large equipment set. I was impressed about the look of the roughly used bodies and objectives. They had an enormous number of releases in a very short time. I asked myself: Who is working so hard without taking better care of his tools? Doesn’t he respect the expensive hi-tech, or is this large gear really in the hands of a creative photographer? Is his only aim to just do the best picture?
The owner was Rainer W. Schlegelmilch. The next time I searched briefly through the net and found his online archive. Unbelievable, he takes car racing pictures since 1962! I found thousands of pictures filled with captured energy and emotion. You have to know that I was always looking for classic cars since my childhood - and at the moment I am a proud owner of a classic Lotus car.

At the same time I began to think about a return into the music scene. I would like to start with a remastered edition of my project called “Fresh Moods”. To be clearly recognisable, the LPs and EPs should get new cover images with nearly the same colour selection of the first releases since 1996. A new idea grew in my mind. Why not combining both worlds? Would Rainer W. Schlegelmilch allow me to use some of his pictures as cover images? I wanted to get to know him, anyway!
I whispered my idea to Volker Graf, a friend of mine and formerly owner of a photo shop. He told me that he knows this photographer personally and that he would help me to bring us together. First I talked to his son Boris Schlegelmilch, who is also working as a photographer and editor. How life goes! He is a fan of chill out music and already knew some of my first releases used on the German TV format “Space Night” on BR3 TV.

Dear Mr. Schlegelmilch,
Thank you for your permission to use some of your beautiful pictures. As a further consideration I have produced this second slideshow, to show our combined work as devoted artists.

Combine different worlds to generate something new. Fast cars & slow beats.

Dear visitors, we hope you enjoy the music and the pictures!


Peter Haubfleisch

Project: Fresh Moods
Album: Exhale - The fine master edition
Title: Solarcell (remastered)
Written & produced by Peter Haubfleisch
Guitar played by Kevin Winiker, inspired by Chris Isaaks "Can't do a thing to stop me"

Images Copyright: Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

Videos placed at the disposal: Content Factory Europe, Video Archive, Ford of Europe, Public Affairs, Ford Werke GmbH

Hope you get chilled ...

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