A Matter of Pride - Ylpeyden Aihe ... en sak att vara stolt över (2010)

This video is a collection of photographs from a family album and 8mm film, it considers the family identity and the value of home in a Sweden Finn point of view, with echoes of the past. Rootlessness and a sense of non-belonging has driven me to look into my past in order to understand it ́s legacy.
Volvo is more than just a car, it symbolically represents success and the ability to take root in a foreign and a new native country, it ́s a matter of pride, where the car have as important place as the children in the photo album.
These photographs were taken during the following years: 1974, -75 and -77. They represent the same family, with the continuous presence of my little sister and me. In between the photographs, we see glimpses of the every year journey between Sweden and Finland, when Abba was playing on the tape recorder.
The length of this video is the same length as the song “Money, Money, Money” (03:05) made by Abba, and is intended to be played in loop.
At the end of the 60 ́s and in the beginning of the 70 ́s, the movement of immigrants from Finland to Sweden was relatively constant. At that time an economic downfall hit Finland hard. Hundred of thousands of Finns, mainly from the countryside, sought their way to Sweden that, in turn, badly needed more labour force to its thriving industrial development. Many of them formed families and never returned to Finland. However, for most Sweden Finns, the connection to family and relatives in Finland remained close and the visiting family with the Volvo came to be a common sight.

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