A Buddhist monk asked the head monk:
"Does the robot have the nature of Buddha?"
“Buddha’s nature is a black stone. ”
answered the head monk,
“It's at the center of the universe.
Everywhere you turn, there is the center.
The tree is that stone. The person is that stone.
The bird is that stone.
The sky is that stone. Emptiness is that stone.”[1]

“Robotbuddha” is the interactive installation
that addresses the question of the relationship
between spirituality and technology.
If Buddha’s nature is everywhere and in all things,
can we deny the nature of Buddha from a robot?
Is a technologically mediated experience less
spiritually valid than a direct one?
Using a dedicated twitter account,
participants are encouraged to send their prayers, blessings and wishes to the robot shrine.
Incoming messages are converted to Morse code and “chanted” by the robotic arms,
i.e., played back on Korean Moktaks – traditional wooden percussion instruments ritualistically used by Buddhist clergy.

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