A projection mapping installation.

Jac Min x Tan Jingliang x Lee Feng Nian
Music: Lee Feng Heng

"In the beginning there is the cosmological ground state. The vacuum. Absence.
 Recent theorizing about the origins of the universe has included a concept called
 "the decay of the false vacuum." The vacuum of empty space – the ground state 
– is not the void we cartoonishly perceive it as being. It is, rather, a turbulent sea 
of sub-atomic particles spontaneously popping into existence and then being
 quickly re-absorbed into the background nothingness. They are virtual particles,
 not quite real. From a nothing comes a sort of something, but as not to violate 
any physical laws and so maintain the cosmic status quo, these somethings are 
fleeting in existence, living an infinitesimally slight life span before re-assimilation
into the ground state. 

But add a little energy into the scheme of things to give a virtual particle a push 
and it can cross the line and become materially real. From nothingness can indeed
 come a palpable something and a universe be born. - Gil McElroy

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