Beginning Friday, December 2nd Cineplex Odeon moviegoers will be able to experience Ford’s Focus like never before with a new spot created by Y&R, Mindshare and Ford facilitated by TimePlay. This new and interactive campaign will take participants on a visual and musical journey that will connect them directly with onscreen content through their mobile device.

“We wanted to create something that everyone, not just those directly interacting with the technology, could take something away from,” explains Bruce Sinclair, Senior Vice President, Creative Director at Y&R Canada. “More than anything, this is a chance to give people a small taste of the future – to inspire their imaginations of what a theatre experience could grow to become. For Ford, it's a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their leadership in innovating new technology.”

The 60 second spot, airing before feature presentations, is made up of two parallel films – one featuring a guy and the other a girl. Audiences will use their mobile devices to choose who they see more of, in real-time. With two parallel films and four chances to interact, it's likely no moviegoer will see all 16 possible outcomes this holiday season.

Y&R set out to redefine segment expectations and incite participation with this interactive spot. The end result was an experience that resonates on an emotional level and is a new expression of the Focus’ kinetic design and urban styling. The style and tone of the piece reflects a music video, with emphasis on the music and fashion surrounding the Ford Focus and the people that drive them.


Jim Hartford - Director, Marketing Communications Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Jason Day - Manager, Car Marketing Communications Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
Creative Director: Bruce Sinclair, Chris McGroarty
Art Director: Francheska Galloway-Davis
Copywriter: Marcelo Ceron
Producer: Diane Kirk
VP Group Account Director – Jason Grabinsky
Account Supervisor - Jen Watts
Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Wendy Morgan
Cinematographer: Chris Mably
Producer: Rosalynn Hegan
Off Line Production: Rooster
Editor: Dave De Carlo
Transfer: Alter Ego
Colourist: Andrew Exworth
On-Line Production: Track and Field
Editor: Kristi-Ann Webster
Animation: The Mill
Music: Tattoo
Composer: Tyson Kuteyi
Executive Producer: Dana Gadsden

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