The direction for the luggage vignette was to create more of an abstract perspective on the traditional product video. Leaving the individuals faceless and walking away from the camera we were able to put more focus on the bags themselves. Aesthetically, we chose to have it black and white to create a more dramatic atmosphere as well as complimenting the sleekness of the luggage; the same can be said for the slow motion. Simply said, our goal was to create a visual piece that leaves the viewer unexpected upon seeing the first frame.

Director: Alex Viau
Director of Photography: Benjamin Loeb Cinematographers: Alex Viau & Benjamin Loeb
Executive Producer: Endeavor Snowboards
Producer: Dustin Wadsworth
Editor: Alex Viau
Actor: Brandon Wadsworth
Music & Sound Design: Vidar Grande & Oscar Vargas

Shot with the Sony F3 with Van Diemen rehoused 50mm anamorphic lens. Editing in FCP, grading in Color.

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