Wooden is a dance about time and nature's geometry.

This quartet takes place in three distinct landscapes built into one performance space. The entire of set for Wooden is biodegradable and reflects cycles in nature and the effects of time on the space and on the body.

In this unedited video you take a tour through the performance space before and as the audience enters as well as watch the performance of Wooden (part 1: ground).

The camera, as audience member, watches a solo performed in a narrow hallway installation. This section is called Corridor (part 3) and occurs as people enter the space in the beginning of each half.

All are seated and the dance begins. Wooden (part 1: ground) is a mesmerizing and liquid dance that reflects the passage of time through the lens of time-lapse photography of growth, decay and entropy.


Wooden (part 2) is performed next. During intermission the seating is reversed. All the benches are moved onto the grass and the audience watches a dry and barren landscapes of static, hanging driftwood, disjointed and edgy movement. See Wooden (part 2: trees) in a different file on vimeo.

Wooden was developed and first produced at HERE in New York City through the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP) with support from the Greenwall Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and private donors.

Performed by Laura Peterson, Kate Martel, Janna Diamond and Edward Rice.
Corridor soloist: Meredith Fages
Sound Design by Soichiro Migita with music from Venetian Snares (part 2) and Rob Erickson (Corridor)
Lighting Design by Amanda K. Ringger.
Costumes by Candice Thompson
Production Manager and set collaborator: Jon Pope

Performed on November 6, 2011 at HERE.
Videographer: Peter Richards

please visit LPchoreography.com for more information or contact:
laura@lpchoreography.com or jonrpope@gmail.com

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