The photos that were used for this documentary were taken in just a little over two weeks. It is a time lapse documenting my life while attending class at Savannah College of Art and Design and the time spent after hours. I wanted to do this not only as a memory for myself, but as a memory for those that I surround myself with and in which I hold in great esteem. This is me, these are my friends and this is a taste of our lives that I want to share.

Director - Michael Laura
Editor - Adrian Engelhardt
Music by Sujeana - Change (Sujeana Remix)

Thank you as well to,
Wesley Batts
Kaya Colaizzi
Abby Huffstetler
Randy Mako
Nic Cullison
Mike Alves
Dan Dittmar
Kelsea Shaver
Cameron Bridges
Zulmarie Montijo
Raphael Vivant
The Floor Flexers
My Parents
Everyone else who gracefully stepped in front of my lens.

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