A portrait of family.

A set of grandparents, a small collection of dogs, two loving parents, and one amazing little girl... Their home is made up of many moving parts.

I spent almost four months getting to know them, though it took more than a glimpse to come to know and appreciate the subtle nuances that makes them family.

K and V met as students in the same paralegal class, and following a few dates, they discussed spending their lives together. Not long down the road, they welcomed their first child, a beautiful little girl that they adore.

Though V is undergoing a female to male transition, their love for each other is uncompromising.

"V is who she is, V is who he is, and nothing that I do is going to change that," K said.

Though they are now legally recognized as man and woman, and eligible for marriage in North Carolina, they vow to remain champions for the rights of all couples to be married. In fact, after being together for nine years they plan to marry in 2013.

"I want everybody to be treated equally, and I don't think that's too much to ask," said K.

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