Do you feel like you need to be everywhere all at once?

Does it feel like you are losing control of your business?

At Symetrix, we combine the latest in high quality technologies to create a security system that gives back control to its owner!

The Symetrix Integrated Security System allows you to keep total control even when your out and about - ANYTIME - ANYWHERE - TOTAL CONTROL!

You will have day-to-day control over who can access certain areas inside of your premises.

You will have High Definition Security Cameras running around the clock recording everything that happens.

After hours, if there is an Intruder Alert, your alarm system will send a text message direct to your mobile phone.

Using your iPhone, iPad or Anroid device, you can then view your premises through your high quality camera system in order to know if someone has truly broken in and then make a precise report to the police - which gets much more police priority!

All of this means that you can verify staff attendance and Safety, playback footage from any incident and even monitor your business without being tied down to one location, freeing yourself up to live the kind of life that may have encouraged you to start your business in the first place.

Thousands of businesses are taking back their control today! Dont be left behind!

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