Since starting with Happy Birthday about one week ago see with your own eyes what has happened since then. Here is a short 4 minute edited video of only 5 of the many songs I got her to sing along to.

Believe it or not, after I left the room and no music was still playing, I could even hear her singing somewhere over the rainbow all by herself with no accompaniment.

Make sure you watch the whole 4 minutes as there is an amazing soulful finale you won't believe that won't let you down.

For the songs I found videos on youtube which have text on the screen of the lyrics as the song is being played, that is what you see her looking at. I was also doing the bouncing ball idea on the monitor with my finger over each word to help her follow the song if she got lost a bit. There is also a large mirror behind that monitor that she watches herself while she sings.

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