All the notes aren't right and I tried to make it so you didn't have to look at my face the whole time...but I don't know how! Here's the lyrics so you can sing along :)

V: The stars don't shine the same
My down town streets called Main
Sol’s always shining
But theres no wind behind us

C: So take me back to that
Rocking boat
And all the good times when we
Were afloat

V: My house is never heeling
Stabilities a pretty good feeling
The galleys called a kitchen
But I still havent stopped itching

Downward dog is really easy
Ginger still makes me queasy
Sailing jokes still make me laugh
But when I tell one else laughs


B: So what Im trying
To say
For lack of better words
Well be OK

C: So take me back to that
Rocking boat
Where we...

I: Set the topsl and Struck the topsl
And we set the main and struck the main
And we set the course and struck the course
And we hauled on the brailes of course

We pinned the tail on nautical things
And we wore our jorts when we tried to clean
And we listened to Clare when she would sing,
“Baby, baby, Oh…”

And we computed stars and we shot mars
And we climbed all the way out on the very top yard
And then saw land when it was really far

And we set the fish and we struck the fish
And we caught some fish and we ate some fish
(And we got a kid on the SEA black list)
And we listened to Chris when he talked about Phish
They're his favorite band

And we got to land and it was really fun
Some of us got a van, some of us went for a run
We all called the fam
And then we realized
We’re done


Miss you all!

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