This is the English original version of the Matrixwissen-interview conducted with physicist and author Thomas Campbell on October 27th, 2011.

Since this interview starts directly with questions, it might make sense for people who do not know Tom yet, to first check out a short video in which Tom introduces himself as a physicist aswell as an explorer of reality and consciousness :

For a small collection of interesting excerpts from Tom's free lectures, you might check the "Answers by Thomas Campbell"-section at :

Additionally here is a link to Tom's homepage :

And last but not least, in case you are German, the entire interview was translated into German and a version of it with German audio or a written translation are both available at :

Topics covered during the interview :

00:04 New fringe ideas and their impact on society - What makes up a good idea ?
08:32 Zero point energy and the cold fusion device of Andrea Rossi - Is it real ?
18:00 Could it be that we are not ready yet for free energy devices ?
21:18 Does it take a significant shake-up to our belief systems so change can happen ?
25:45 Conspiracy theories as materialistic justification of rigid beliefs ?
31:50 Is fear always negative or can it be a catalyst to growth ?
34:50 The dilemma of fear caused by big picture truths
43:30 Why was I not able to breath during my out of body experiences ?
48:22 Will conscious computers be able to access the database of the actualized past ?
56:48 What significance do movies about virtual realities have in the real world ?
64:00 The impact of electromagnetic fields on human consciousness (Knowledge Base article)
80:07 What are some of Tom's deeper thoughts on the recent global events ?
88:22 Bonus question : What is the relevance of unique life experiences ?
99:35 Info on Tom's upcoming workshop in Spain and his upcoming talk in Atlanta
101:57 End of interview

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