Gilje and Richardsen continues to explore the spatial aspect of a performance. This time the audience are given foldable chairs so they can (re-)position themselves in relation to what is happening in the different parts of the space. The space is defined by a irregular shaped, shiny blue floor, with three quadratic videoscreens extending the room in different directions, two on the floor, and one hanging as a ceiling over a corner of the blue floor. The video treats the movements of the dancers, focusing on slow changes and short repetitions, which are also the dominating aspects of the music made by John Hegre. Hegre, a longtime collaborator with Gilje and Kreutzerkompani through jazzkammer, transforms the output from modified guitars to a unique noise-western soundtrack.

The performance was very well accepted by the audience and critics in Norway.

Irre premiered on january 25th 2006 at Black Box Teater, Oslo.

Choreography: Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
room-,video- and light-design: HC Gilje
Music: John Hegre
Dancers:Gry Bech-Hanssen, Siri Jøntvedt, Ulf Nilseng, Kristina Søetorp and Kristine Øren.

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