In November of 2011 several people from E3 Partners and myself headed into the Amazon Jungle to share the Gospel and good news of Jesus Christ. On our journey we were able to stop in Shell, Ecuador at the MAF (Missions Aviation Fellowship) base of operations.

It was from this base on January 8, 1956 that Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderian flew into the Amazon Jungle to share the Gospel with the Auca indians (Now called the Waoranis). When their plane landed on Palm Beach in the jungle these five men were met with spears and died for the cause of Christ. But the story does not end there, evangelism continued to the Auca's. The wives and children of the martyred men went and lived with the Auca Indians and many of the people in that village came to accept Christ, including seven of the nine killers.

It was with a great sense of courage, strength, and determination in our hearts that we continued on our mission to tell the people of Ecuador about the awesome relationship they could have with Jesus Christ. The Lord continued the work started 53 years ago and we were able to see 340 people make professions of faith in Jesus.

Music By Dylan Burcombe - The Sparrow

Canon 7D
Manfrotto Monopod

Final Cut Pro

Shot On Location In Shell, Ecuador

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