"Konichiwa! Hajemimashite. Maker Sensei desu. I introduced myself," said Elliot Maker also known on campus as Maker Sensei. Maker speaks 3 different languages; Japanese, Spanish and English. Not only does he speak it, he also teaches it at Wai`anae High School. Born in New York, Maker originally moved to Japan to pursue his dream of being a musician. During his 14 year stay in Japan he taught music and English and learned to speak Japanese.

Education was not Maker’s first love but while in Japan he grew to appreciate the profession."My mother and father were very strict into education. So they made me become a teacher," Maker said. By the time Elliot left Japan he took his new found appreciation and made it a job opportunity in Hawaii.

Throughout Elliot’s life he has acquired different interests, languages, careers, passions and hobbies. A few of his hobbies are water sports, playing the trumpet and piano, multi media work and of course languages. Elliot’s biggest dream remains to make music for big companies and he continues to work towards that dream. “I have to accept that it’s going to be a long road. Even though it’s been a long road, the dream that I started when I was young is worthwhile,” Maker Sensei said.

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