Amid a domestic economic crisis and increasing violence throughout the world, a top secret military program may hold the key to the survival of the United States...but at what cost and more importantly, can Project: Aries be controlled?


Project: Aries was produced by Nick Brown, Izzel Sanchez, Zach Vaughn and myself for our semester project at Syracuse University. It was an official selection for the 2012 Syracuse's Horror and More Film Festival.

Our budget was about $200. It was shot with a JVC ProHD GY-HM700 and edited on Avid Media Composer 5.5

This project was produced, filmed by and acted by active duty military members and those associated with the Military Motion Media Program at Syracuse University.

Music by:
The Aurora Project
The Aleph
Phil Symonds

(all music © by the respective artists who have graciously allowed us to use their songs for our project)

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