Guest Wendy Lea - CEO of Get Satisfaction
Show Notes:

We got this "Report a problem" down to a science, so ITSM, can we learn to, "Give Praise", "Ask a Question" or "Share and idea", I think so and so does the CEO of Get Satisfaction! Help Desks are Engagement Platforms, let's fix this.

**CIO Headlines Market News, Business Report, SIM**

IPO Fever
YouTube Pay Per view Option
Adobe Closes Mobile Flash
Hooper’s 4Square Check-ins

**Practitioner, Service Desk**

The Verge (News Site)
Beran’s Hipster Avatar from Twitter
ATOS Kills Emails (News from February but making waves in December)

**Social Media, Tools and Vendors**

Service Desk Forum, Mainz Germany
HDI Conference 2012 featuring Michio Kaku
SXSW Ray Kurzweil Keynote
Serena Software Disgusting ITSM Pays for follows

Guest Wendy Lea
The Satisfactory (HQ for Get Satisfaction)
Jargon The Mascot
Collaborative Workspace the Feng Shui of e20
Get Satisfaction Office Photos
Friends, Fans and Followers change the follow information
Wendy Lea’s History (
CRM started with an INSIDE out way of functioning
2007 Launch to help create unique connections with their customers online
Customers come and feel open, like a local coffee shop
Social just means “Be consumer friendly”
Just don’t hand OVER Social to MARKETING
This is a TIME FOR SERVICE PROFESSIONALS to come forward
Social Systems amplify the mantra of “Customer Service is the new Marketing”
ZDNet Interview, Be where your customers are
Incident management vs. Engagement Platform (SocialIT)!/search/%23socialit
SaaS AND Facebook Integration!
Get Satisfaction on Mobile
If you don’t have a presence in FACEBOOK you need to HURRY UP!
Hire JOURNALISM major for your Support DESK!
Social puts language in a different light.
Give Praise, Ask A Question, Report a Problem, Offer an Idea
Get Satisfaction a SMAK
Customer Satisfaction was the back end of the value chain, Bad Product, Bad Sales
We tried to make it cool by putting people in headsets, but no one wants to be constrained like that!
“Customers WANT to participate in the business”
ICMI in Dallas
Get Satisfaction for Teams and Collaboration?
Interdependency of need is the basis of collaboration.
Could be technology stack to measure someone’s engagement activity

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