Describing what being an artist is all about is a complex task. A sneak preview into the lives of talented local artists. For many artists the spark of creation has a birth, they understand the process of inspiration and the flare that moves and flow their passion into wonderful creations.

Born in 1956, Cecil Orion Touchon attended Saint Louis Community College at Flo Valley, North Texas State University and University of Texas at Arlington and studied Fine Arts. Widely exhibited through art galleries in the United States since 1980. Always working in an abstract/non-objective style, Touchon is best known for his work as a collage artist and painter.
Touchon is associated with the following art groups:
The Massurrealist Society
The Fluxnexus (founder)
The International Post Dogmatist Group (founder)
The Neoist Society (founder)
The International Society of Assemblage and Collag Artists (founder)
For his Fusion series, collage artist and painter Cecil Touchon touches upon this concept by chopping up street posters to create his own language. He then plasters these black, white, blue, and red geometric forms onto canvas and as he does, the abstract shapes nearly combine to form letters, though they’re none we know. Like clouds drifting across a summer sky, these curvy modern shapes – evocative of the typefaces of the 1970s – are there to be interpreted in any number of ways depending on the lens through which you see the world.

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