Eastern-Europe hitch-hiking trip 2011 - PART 4 (Rupea, Romania)

The first part is about the cows in Rupea, Romania.
A lot of households in Rupea have 1-3 cows, but they don't have a place for them to stay for grazing. So every morning, all the cows in Rupea leave there houses to go to the mountains next to Rupea. And in the evening they come back. But the cool thing is that they all know their own ways! So they don't need help for finding the way to their houses!

The two last parts are a celebration for us, the Belgian people from the schools IKSO Denderleeuw and KTA Aalst who were there when I was there. The Romanian people who welcomed us in Rupea did a celebration for us at the end of the week with food, home made drinks and traditional dancers from Rupea! It was amazing!

Thanks to my grandparents for inviting me in Rupea, Romania!

I did this trip on my own, from the 10th of may till the 11th of june, 2011.
The countries I crossed were Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.
The total distance was around 3.500km.
All my sleeping places were CouchSurfing.org adresses except for the sleeping place in Serres, Greece because I didn't plan to go there. And in Pitesti and Sighisoara I slept with people from the charity projects.
I did almost all the distances by hitch-hiking, but sometimes I took the train or the bus when the weather wasn't so great or when I was too tired.

Camera: Canon EOS 550D / T2i
Lenses: Tamron 17-50 f/2,8 & Sigma 8mm f/3,5 FishEye
Edit: Final Cut Pro 7
Color: MagicBullet Looks (minimal coloring)

Bon Iver - Perth
Jonas David - All I Know
And the guy who plays the klarinet

Special thanks to Moeke & Pake

Excuse me for not the best quality, but that's because of the 500MB upload maximum of Vimeo

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