I had to create a Title Sequence for a fake movie for Vancouver Film School on term 4...
I thought that it would be an amazing idea to create 2 Title Sequences.....
never thought i had to give up playing halo and call of duty and of course some sleeping hours...
>:( nothing worst than taking your video game time!!

BUT!... for something that you like even MORE... then...it's ok!
i forgive! :)!

I took around 6-8 videos with amazing Sky diving shots (since i LOVE sky diving even tho i haven't try it... but i will!!! and i will re-make it with my own personal shots)
haha... i Re-edit those videos and then Rotoscope/draw and painted frame by frame...
same with the titles and clouds
then took it to AE and make those frames work :)

(i will soon upload the other Title Sequence
which i'm working with my very talented friend Vanessa)

(i wanted to add everyone from dd21... but i will wait for the third title sequence...third is always the best right?)
thank you dd21 for your support :)

Music: Sigur Ros
(which i found to be creative commons and ... that's like
the best google news for me)


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