KALI MA, OUR DIVINE MOTHER — History of the worship of Kali Ma all around the world. She wasn't just a "Hindu Goddess" then, and now She is becoming universal again, with many former Christians returning back to Her, in prayer. Includes Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe's "Kali Ma." (Viewers, please always do the right thing — legally and morally — support this great artist/group by purchasing their tracks as MP3s or on CDs from Amazon, which I know carries them, or from any other reputable retailer of your choice. Stealing music is not right, and we all know that. Vimeo, please see my Fair Use Notice, below.)

Acharya Dan Konnor, MBA
Shakta Hindu Priest of Kali Ma

[FAIR USE NOTICE TO VIMEO: Under the four judgment criteria contained in the Fair Use exception as defined in the United States Copyright Act of 1976, this video clearly constitutes Fair Use. I claim no rights, seek no benefit (which is in fact a significant factor considered by courts), post purely for noncommercial spiritual educational purposes in my capacity as a spiritual teacher, sincerely wish to promote and stimulate the proper legal sale of the recorded components, and can in fact demonstrate from a large body of "I loved that song . . . where can I buy it?" messages and comments sent to or left for me, that my previous video postings online have actually done so, and therefore, that this one is highly likely to do so, as well. I politely reject any and all Vimeo policies or "license" terms that are not in accord with actual copyright law, and point out that Google/YouTube has experience already in losing a major lawsuit brought against them on Fair Use grounds by a lady whose videos they had removed (and she collected significant damages), and also that other countries have not only validated and upheld, but sometimes (e.g., Israel) even actually greatly expanded Fair Use rights. I greatly appreciate your kind respect for my Fair Use rights. It was a very difficult decision for me to leave YouTube, where I had over 3,500 subscribers and over 1.2 million video views, but YouTube has in my opinion lost its focus on its users and forced unwanted change after unwanted change upon us for two years now, so I thought I would give Vimeo a chance. Blessings, Acharyaji]

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