I recommend downloading the file!
watch our short 13:59 here: vimeo.com/33425317

this is no camera shootout or something like that. If you want a real camera shootout, watch the one Zacuto made: zacuto.com/the-great-camera-shootout-2011

I never worked with DSLRs and F3 (or even C300) side by side and I never had to mix footage. I mixed footage with my EX1 in 2009 though. Before I shot the short film 13:59 with Nino Leitner, I did some latitude tests and lowlight tests just to see how far I can push the cameras compared to the 1D which I am working with most of the time.

We put up a simply light setup, didn't change anything and just switched the cameras.

1Dmk4 - Cinestyle
C300 - Canon Log
F3 - basic PP

I then added just a bit of contrast (s-curve in color finesse) to the C300 Material to match the basic look of the F3 and THEN copied the same effect (just a bit of contrast) to the 1D clip, shot in Cinestyle

I know, with DSLRs you have to set up lights differently and be careful in post production. I'm working with DSLRs all the time, but I was shocked at how bad it looked compared to the other cameras.
C300 and F3 almost looked similar, but the 1D simply looked oversaturated and washed out.
Same settings, same f-stop, similar ISO setting etc.

You CAN make DSLR material look beautiful, everyone is doing it. But if you can make this look beautiful, what would you be capable of doing with F3 (s-log) or C300 footage?

I will keep on working with DSLRs (7D, 1D, 5D) but will step up to C300 soon and propably rent the Scarlet.

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