Sin Deja Huella (Sans Laisser De Trace / Without a trace)
2009, HD, 3’.
With Miguel Huertas and Monica Lopez.

' While a man’s voice, in off, tells the accidental death of a worker, victim of a stray bullet during a shootout, and the desire of his neighbors to erase the traces, advances, emerging from a grove, a landscape full of light, a young woman. And her powerful voice rises, singing a bullerengue, a Colombian memorial song.'

Shot in the tropical garden of the city of Paris.


"Some policemen were chasing a man. Round the corner, the man turned to shoot at them. They shot back and carried on chasing him. Further down the road, they resumed shooting. At the same moment as the shooting happened, a man left his house on his way to work, and was shot straight in the head. He dropped dead on the pavement, opposite the convenience shop. He was shot in the head.

The following series of events had a huge impact on me. The people working in the street moved the car parked in the way. The owner of the other car, hit during the shooting, put it back in his garage. Another car came by, the wounded man’s relatives stopped it and spoke with the driver for a bit. They subsequently got in the car with the man, heading to the Red Cross, which was near my parents’.

Once the car had pulled away, the shop owner came out with a brush and a bucket filled with water and cleaned the blood off the pavement.

I just stood there, in shock. I was a bit scared. It always takes me some time to react. I was just a spectator, seeing how they all seemed to have arranged between them to take all the necessary steps to erase the traces of the accident.

Suddenly, a police patrol, the emergency services and an ambulance arrived, but there was nothing. The men involved in the shooting were gone, no casualty either, no blood, none of the damaged cars were visible. This series of spontaneous actions generated a very efficient process: had they all agreed to do all that without leaving a trace, they probably wouldn’t have done better."

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