Footage shot way, way back in March 2011 when Rich had booked two bikes out for a test ride and asked me to accompany him to ride the 'other' bike.

The bikes were an Orange 5 and a Specialized FSR pro and we took them for a spin around our usual trails on Leith Hill, Surrey.

Rich took advantage of the loaner bikes to have two over the bars moments but he was unhurt and we had a great day.

It's taken me nine months to decide what to do with this footage. I've started about five different projects during that time trying to get it to work but it only just clicked this week. I put it down to Shaun Ryder's influence.

So which bike did he end up buying? Why a Lapierre Zesty 514 of course!

Oh, and that good looking awesome rider in the black gilet, red sleeves and white lid? That's me, that is.

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