Pulse is a rhythm game that requires two players to work together to get separated from each other. The goal of the game is to reach the top of the level, but this requires you to work together and play the right beat.

When players play well, they will reach the right flow. This will reward them with an artistic stimulation of sight and sound.

The game has a high social value. You require to reach the same wave length as the other player in order to reach higher levels. The game's purpose is to provide two people with a sense of unity.

Pulse was created in 48 hours at the Global Game Jam 2009.

Want to play Pulse?
Download it from: pulsethegame.nl

Cohen, Taco

Frederix, Boyo
Concept, art

Konings, Mathijs
Captain, concept, sound design, design

Louwe, Samar
Concept, concept art, design

Micu, Vlad
Concept, game research, PR

Paulissen, Michel
Concept, programmer

Smit, Niki

Vink, Andrew

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