Make money by answering questions via live video chat
1. Pick a topic you're expert on
2. Embed the widget in to your website and go online
3. Connect via live video chat for cash!

Start selling your knowledge now in 60 seconds!

Vinswer is an incredibly easy to use web-based video chat service integrated with PayPal that you can embed in to your website to sell your advice.

Your own paid video chat within 60 seconds:
Vinswer is a breeze to use. Takes 60 seconds to sign up and only 2 steps to create your video answer to sell your expertise to anyone.

No installation needed and no account required:
It's super-simple. Your users don't need anything (besides a PayPal account or a credit card to pay you).

Embeddable everywhere:
To add Vinswer to your site/blog/social network simply drop one of our widgets.

It's completely free!
The use of Vinswer can only bring benefits. Everyone has valuable skills and knowledge to teach!

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