Six films exploring the poignant relationships that have formed between people and treasured old machines.

"Director Taghi Amirani manages to evoke a truly magical quality in the images he captures, turning the least auspicious ideas into absolute gems.... Intelligent cutting...and a genuine interest in the people he features make Amirani's gentle films presently some of the best on television."
Fiona Morrow Time Out

"I confess to having been sceptical about Taghi Amirani's series when I saw it described on paper because it seemed unlikely that the matter - people's love affairs with machinery - could amply fill the time. It sounded like a set of quirky miniatures that had got ideas above their station. In the event though, the films offer something genuinely unusual on television - a sustained set of ideas running through portraits of very different lives.
Thomas Sutcliffe The Independent
"Mad About Machines purported to be about the merely mechanical, but what emerged proved to be far more satisfying than one might have expected - a thoughtful and loving examination of the mechanics of one life, where fortitude had triumphed over great disappointments."
Cristina Odone The Daily Telegraph

"Of course, we are ultimately more interested in the subjects and their lives, and Brindley emerges as a Patricia Routledge-type character, as scripted by Alan Bennett. And if you're worried that one woman and her typewriter are not enough to make an entertaining 30 minutes, there are two breath-catching moments of inspiration... It's gentle, alluring and whimsical.”
Omer Ali Time Out

"Amirani has a special feeling for his subjects, which prevents his films from being the least bit patronising. The result is unusual amid the current plethora of heavily ironic documentaries, proving that film-makers don't need gimmicks if they have a sure eye and an open mind."
Fiona Morrow Time Out

"If you're keen to understand how it is that the things we love shape our lives, Taghi Amirani's exquisitely made programme will fill both your eyes and your cuttings bin."
Nicola Barker The Observer

"Last week's film, about a man with a passion for lawnmowers, was one of those documentaries which lodge in your mind, pressed there by the faintly surreal nature of the lives depicted. In its account of a character in happy enslavement to the perfection of his huge garden, it had the quality of a fairy-tale, one of those fables in which an enclosed garden has somehow rearranged time, so that a mother could be indistinguishable in age from her son.... In framing his subjects, Amirani has taken care to include their human relationships, not simply their capacity to humanise the inanimate."
Thomas Sutcliffe The Independent

Series for C4
6 x 30’ 1997

Sew Beautiful

Director-Series Producer Taghi Amirani
Camera Chris Morphet
Camera Assistant Theo Garland
Sound Keith Desmond
Dubbing Mixer Michael Narduzzo
Title Sequence The House
Title Music David Lowe
Assistant Producer Rupert Miles
Production Manager Fiona Reid
Production Team Ali Amirani, Amir Amirani, Beverly Henry, Emma Reeves
Editor Stuart de Jong

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