Music Video for the Johannesburg based band Bloedskande. 2010. My first attempt at directing.
"Almal Doen Net Wat Hul Wil" is Afrikaans for "Everybody does just what they want".
The idea is mine. I "directed" it, which was more like managing it. The people that helped did most. Ewan Dressel and Stephan Nieuwoudt filmed it.
We hooked up a inverter to a car and projected the images from the car onto Johannesburg and filmed it. Loads of fun and awesome footage.
Deon Haumann assisted all the way. He did all the lightning and steered me in a directing direction. Sadly he passed away before I finished with the editing. We dedicated the video to him. And he was someone who did as he liked, so the song fits.
Alan Fyfe was set alight, but not burned. The suite was mine.
Loads of friends helped with additional photographs and cellphone footage of Alan burning.
Bloedskande is Shaun Ruysenaar, Jan Swart & Guillaume de Swart.

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