This excerpt is approximately 40 min. into the 70 min. work

Choreography, Libretto and Performance: Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey
Original Musical Score: Jonathan Bepler
Lighting Design: Thomas Dunn
Recorded: October 2011 at The Kitchen, NYC, in front of live audience

This most recent work is a direct precursor to the project outlined in this application. For one year, choreographer Jennifer Lacey and I worked apart, holding tandem projects, in France and the U.S., respectively. Each of us solicited weeklong encounters with non-dance experts, voluntarily subjecting our aesthetic position to a barrage of assessment, opinions and desires from the “outsiders”, including an astro-physicist, sommelier, architect, film editor, medical supply salesman, kinetic sculptor, baroque opera singer, art critic, acoustician and social activist. None of the material generated from these encounters is in TOOL IS LOOT. Rather, the work was formed through aesthetic propositions that persisted because of their foreignness. The opinions and interpretations of composer Jonathan Bepler and lighting designer Thomas Dunn function as yet another clarification and reinterpretation of TOOL IS LOOT.

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