Myk Roc - Part 2 "old gnarly"

There is no slowing down this guy. He has the coolest stuff, and the best stories to back it up. He knows all the stories to his stuff, and if a new item comes in and only has a partial details he will work hard for months and even years till he has all the facts. Next time you see him at a flea market ask him how he got something he is selling I guarantee he will have it all figured out.

Myk Roc is not your typical hot rodder. He is a trader, pinstriper, collector, rock and roller, and a hilarious story teller. Myk has been striping since 1999, his clean self taught style definitely has a nod going back to folks like Larry Watson, Big Daddy Ed Roth, Kenneth Howard, Tommy the Greek, and other classic stripers. Plus Myk has been striping Sparrow Guitars from 2005 till the present.

We caught up with Myk in his Langley home early in October to hear some stories, and to get a guitar custom pinstriped. It was a whirlwind going through his garage, with his motorcycle collection, metal flaked helmets, skateboards. When your out at Myks it feels like the good times will never end.

Filmed by: Zenga Bros

Edited by: Anchor Guitar Studio

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