For this project, students were asked to create an animated segment within a larger animated video. The source material came from a supercut (a pop culture megamix video). A supercut usually has to do with overused actions/phrase/scenes in film, television, or other popular media. Often, a supercut relates to Internet Memes in that it has do with media that circulates widely in popular websites.

The supercut "Let's Enhance", credited to YouTube user dunk3d ( ) , was the source material for Project 5. The video demonstrates the use of popular clichés for how people interact with digital imaging software. It is a montage of "people looking at an image on a computer screen and mindlessly saying 'enhance'." As the students experienced throughout the semester, this is not an accurate way to portray how artsists interact with their digital tools. To create a critical commentary on the "enhance" cliché, students recreated the supercut through digital drawing techniques and created an animated video. Their process began by creating a sequence of images from the supercut video. Those images were manipulated through digital drawing/painting techniques and then returned back to the video format as animation. Traditional animation methods like rotoscoping were discussed as well as other relevant time-based media terminology. Students chose one of three techniques for creating your animation drawings:

Painting/Drawing with Photoshop (bitmap/raster graphic)
Painting/Drawing with Illustrator (vector graphic)
Recursion - Physical Manipulation – print images, paint/draw, scan

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