I had to get home but I leftI had to get home but I left right - leftthat big fuckin bomb made me deaf, deaf a humvee mechanic with his kevlar .. on wrong...with a suicide bomband hell broke lucehell broke luce
dig fuckin ditches in the middle of the road you'd pay a hundred dollars just for filling in the hole listen to the general every goddamn wordhow many ways can you polish up a turdand left - right left - left - righthell broke luce, hell broke lucehell broke luce
......the only ones responsible for making this mess ...goddamn deskand hell broke luce, hell broke luce left - right - left
...looking for the war was a chef, I was a chef what was the name it was Jeff, JeffI lost a buddy in Iraq, raq I come down from the meth so I slept, sleptI had to get home but I left, left Pantsed at the wind for a joke
i pranced right in with the dope glanced at her shins she said nope left - right - left
...hasn't any woolget me another bodybag but the bodybag's full my face was scars, scarsi miss my home i miss my porch, porchleft - right - left give up all hope and march, march life stands... and ransacked dinner with the pope and left - right - left..got his sons...sergio's developing a real bad cough and hell broke luce, hell broke luce hell broke luce
boom went his heavy weight and boom went bowery(?)what the hell was it that the president said? give them all a beautiful parade instead and left - right - left
... I left my arm in my coat my mum she died ... road and set by the fire in her coatjust before he died he had a coke now I'm home and I'm blind and I'm broke what is next?

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