"Nothing is created unless it was dreamt first." / "Nista nije ostvareno dok predhodno nije odsanjano."
Dragan Sakan, Idea Man

Instead of description: "..An interlude which I have now forcibly brought to an end by changing my life; it is intended neither to teach people nor to impose my point of view on them. Its main purpose is to help me to find my way through the maze of possibilities contained in this young and beautiful art form-still, in essence, so little explored-in order to be able to find myself, fully and independently, within it." ↵Andrei Tarkovsky

[Camera: Canon EOS 7D]
Soundtrack: Helen Jane Long, Veliki Prezir / Lula Mae

Finalist for the short film contest featured at a private event during Sundance 2012.
The challenge was a film that inspires self expression and ignites Imagination - an uplifting force that allows us to unlock the beauty and potential hidden in the world around us. When acted upon, the effects of Imagination ripple outward, influencing and inspiring other acts of Imagination. And when imagination is expressed with the spirit of freedom of expression, it becomes even more powerful.

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