Shot with an XHA1 in Winnipeg in very cold weather. The bridal party were brave souls to be walking around in that temperature in only their dresses and suits. Lots of issues with the glass fogging from constantly going inside to warm ourselves up. Eventually I just put on all the clothing I could find and stayed out there!

This is the same video as the other one but in HD for comparison.

The couple were really warm with each other so I tried to keep the colors warm throughout. I think the contrast of the snowy backgrounds with the warmer tones work well together. An embodiment of the sentiment: Amor vincet omnia. (Love conquers all.)

The 15 foot high snow sculptures, made for the Festival du Voyageur, were pretty cool too! That, and the wedding being entirely in French made me feel like I had a deeper cultural experience on this shoot.

Thank you to Bond at and to Gerald and Jaqueline for putting up with me all day!

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