Leading From the Front - How Great Leaders Create Sparks That Catch Fire

Message Description:

Jon’s 5 C’s of Leadership (Connect, Create, Change, Commit and Contribute) is an action packed and highly interactive message filled with valuable life lessons about authentic, practical and visionary Leadership communicated through entertaining stories. If you want to be inspired and educated with a message that is famous for creating sparks that catch fire, then this is the perfect session for you.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn the value of connecting with key players to form powerful relationships

Participants will learn to recruit effectively and efficiently

Participants will gain awareness and skills to seek out and put to work the individual talents and strengths in others

Participants will understand their ability to change the culture of their organizations through consistent action based on integrity

Participants will learn the value of accepting that which they cannot change, and develop the courage to create change wherever needed

Participants will understand that great leaders accept responsibility and delegate credit

Participants will gain practical tools for strengthening the commitment of each team member

Participants will be motivated to raise their personal standards, step up and get involved

Participants will be inspired to make difficult decisions that are often unpopular but necessary

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