Excerpts of the piece Before the Beep, performed in Barcelona 2010.

Before the beep is a dance-performance piece inside an interactive space, and with audience participation.

before the beep refers to interpersonal communication mediated by new technologies, and to the spaces that this new mediation generates. The possibilities offered by new technologies to communicate have changed our idea of location and time, expanding our options as citizens.
Before the Beep juxtaposes the body with these same communication technologies, and explores how they re-write the body and change our understanding of place and the idea of presence, redefining narrative and individuals.

Members of the audience can participate using technological devices in several ways at distinct moments of the piece: interacting directly upon the sound-space with motion and light sensors, participating to the piece through webcams placed in the space or sending texts through their own mobile phones, which will then be projected and become part of the narrative of the piece.

Before the Beep is a visual and sonic universe open to be revisited and activated by the moving body, through its technological membrane.

Artistic and Stage direction: Rosa Sánchez
Technological direction and sound composition: Alain Baumann

Performers :
Sachiko Fullita
performance: Rosa Sánchez
live audiovisuals:
Alain Baumann + Julià Carboneras
Alain Baumann, audio and interaction development
Miroslava Moreno, Internet interactions
Video and Computer Graphics: Adolf Alcañiz, Rosa Sánchez
Dress: Carme Puigdevall
Light : Marc LLeixà
Documentation Video: Adolf Alcañiz

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