I originally wanted to film for Kettering Scum 2, but lacking any real motivation mainly from shooting photos instead all the time, skating myself and with other mates away from Kettering, in the end I tried to put a decent video together full with as many skaters in Kettering at the moment with a huge help filming from Dan Whitney and Brett Taylor, thanks so much guys!
There aren't many bangers in the video, there's a Lil Wayne song in there, many of the skaters are way better than they were when I filmed them, but fuck it, it's all fun. Get To Da Chopper!

Outkast - Ms. Jackson
Mark Ronson - Ooh Wee (ft. Nate Dogg, Ghostface Killah)
Diana Ross - Heatwave
Lightman - Documentation
Sick Of It All - Step Down
Lil Wayne - Swag Surfin

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